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Home for the Holiday(s).

November 26, 2009

Isn’t the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving the unofficial high school reunion?  Yeah, I’ve never done that and can’t really say I’m missing out on too much.  Yes, it would be nice to be hanging out with friends but I’m perfectly content sitting at home with my Mom watching television.  So that’s been my evening, nothing but tv and computer but I”ll take it.  I’m still not feeling 100% with my sleep – doesn’t help I stayed up until 11:15 on Monday night and after 11 last night.  Looking forward to the next 3 days at home spending time with family and the occassional class assignment.  Kinda feels like I am still in undergrad, hello 19 🙂 

Anyway … so my Thanksgiving weekend looks as follows – parade and Thanksgiving dinner with the family, hanging out with Mom and leftovers on Friday, and then Saturday will be whatever I want (most likely homework) and dinner at our house.  I want to see “The Blind Side” sometime Friday night or Saturday.  I’ve heard it’s really good so fingers crossed. 

Tomorrow I’m gonna try and get my butt on the road.  Mom wants to do the walking with Leslie tape which is fun, especially to watch Mom march in place and grapevine.  I’m getting excited just thinking about it …. not 🙂

So this post was really lame, I don’t have anything really exciting to post or I would.  But for now, off to bed!  Sleeeeeep.



I’m back!

November 24, 2009

But not in business.  Let’s just say I’ve been on quite the adventure and can now check off my bucket list to be in 4 major cities in 1 day.  Not to mention each city was in a different time zone.  Let’s rewind, shall we?

So I was scheduled to fly to New Orleans for work.  Flight was to depart from Dulles at 8:00 am, arrive in Chicago around 9 and then leave Chicago at 9:48 to arrive in the Big Easy at 12:20 (ok, now that I’ve learned that’s the nickname I can’t stop using it). 

Long story short – … the plane got delayed leaving Dulles for an hour.  We (my boss, colleague and myself) are told we missed our connector flight in Chicago.  Yes, we still had 10 minutes to spare.  Yes, we could still see the plane sitting there.  Yes, O’Hare was aware there was a delay.  So as a courtesy they put us on the 9:48 am flight for THURSDAY morning.  Um, we are supposed to be at work for at least 4 hours by the time that plane would arrive in New Orleans.  So we decline the Thursday am flight and are told we can wait on standy for the 2:15 pm or 9 pm flight out of Chicago.  We put our name on the list, grabbed a bite to eat and immediately called our travel agency.  Well ATC tells us, we can’t guarantee any flight for you out of Chicago so let’s send 2 of you to Newark, NJ and the other back to DC where you will have evening flights.  Wait, a 9 hour wait in Newark??? Flying  back to where we started from??? Are you serious?!?  So we race to the counter to get tickets only to be told, “Why in the hell are you going to NJ separately? Why don’t I put all 3 of you on a flight together?”  Why didn’t someone else think of that?  The kicker … in order for all 3 of us to fly together we had to fly to LA … Los Angeles … California!  WHAT??? The furthest West I’ve ever been has been West Virginia and now I’m off to the west coast?!!!

Off we went.  The flight arrived in LA at 3:20 and we had to wait until 6:20 to leave.  The flight from LA to LA (haha, again … not funny) arrived at 12:15 am.  By the time I was settled into my very comfortable deluxe KING bed it was 1:45 am CST.  19.5 hours of travel later … 3 long days of work and a rocky flight home, I found my red honda civic cab waiting for me, equipped with a bike rack.

Needless to say, I’m glad to be back.  “I don’t require sleep to function”  is a phrase I’ve said before; I’m gonna rethink that because I still can’t muster energy.  I’ll be able to blame that on the turkey coma I will  be in later this week.

So as far as 11/23/09 being my start date … riiiiight.  Instead I’m gonna start this week when I’m home and able to run in the daylight around the streets of Woodsboro.

I haven’t signed up yet, but I haven’t forgotten.  Just been crazy.  Now I need to unpack, clean and repack for Thanksgiving … but I can’t wait to be home.  That’s all for now.

Happy early Thanksgiving!

P.S. I have a stalker.  “If you’re a mystery, than I”m a detective.” – Scott Si Gau “Creep-O” Henderson 🙂

Leave of Absence

November 17, 2009

I am the worst packer ever.  I attempted, I swear but somehow Bejeweled Blitz got in the way.  I did finish my laundry!  Work, Class w/ a presentation, packing then off to Scobeans place.  Gonna test the “How much do you love me …” as he wakes up with me tomorrow around 4/5 to take me to the airport.  Good guy.

So off to the Big Easy.  The perks, when I return – Friday is my payday so I will be signing up for the race when I return Saturday night.  Ang already has.  Don’t be nervous!  It’s gonna be fun!

Ok, off I go.  Don’t miss me too terribly 🙂

Even if I had wanted to …

November 15, 2009

I went home last night to have family dinner at my Grandmother’s house.  Chicken pot pie.  If you don’t know, it’s the best food ever.  I have a boyfriend who was a skeptic, he’s since been converted.  However the title of this post references that even if I had wanted to start working out yesterday I would have realized I didn’t have my sneakers.  Then I would have torn my room apart looking for them trying to remember the last time I wore them (months ago, back in September I believe … damn you school!) only to return home to find them at my parent’s house.  Well at least they are in my possession now and there won’t be any excuse when Monday, November 23rd rolls around.  Ideally that’s the day I would like to get back in the game. 

I have so much to do today yet I can forsee that I will only pick up my room, watch football, eat and go to bed.  Tomorrow will be jammed with laundry for New Orleans (cannot wait to have a washer/dryer in my apartment and not in a shared basement), ASL homework and last minute prep for my flight.  I think I can, I think I can …

Getting excited for the holidays.  I think I’m one of the few where Thanksgiving really doesn’t affect the scale.  I’m not the mashed potatoes/gravy, dark meat turkey, seconds kinda girl.  I’ll have white meat, veggies and sweet potatoes.  Even pumpkin pie doesn’t do the trick.  Now if it were a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, I’d be in trouble.

Lastly, I think for real I am putting myself on a strict budget for spending.  Pocket expenses will go to rent, groceries, car payment, school and not random trips to Ann Taylor after work when I wait for class to begin.  I will severely be trying to spend that 2 hours doing something more productive.  Whether’s its taking a walk around campus or getting my homework done I cannot, I repeat CANNOT go to Ann Taylor Loft again and blow $200 bucks on clothes for work.  Bright side, I did earn $125 in free money to spend on a purchase of $50 or more.  Not valid until Nov. 30 – Dec. 24.  So I have 2 weeks to be good.  Back to the Little Engine Who Could – I think I can, I think I can.

Alright, off to clean and visit the Malawian.  I’m gonna make sure to ask him to create a workout plan.  Maybe he’ll have time this week while I’m gone because he’ll miss me oh so much!  Sike … 🙂  But plan to come and I’ll pass it along.

Happy Sunday, beautiful one to be outside for.

Song of the moment:  Black Eyed Peas “Meet me Halfway” – I don’t even know if that’s the title, good nonetheless – I don’t even know if that’s a word!  I should stop now before I fabricate even more.

The motivation … where does it come from?

November 14, 2009

Well my friends motivation starts with a drink, an Albert Haynesworth sighting and the feeling of invincibility that a half marathon isn’t half crazy. So begins my blogging days.

I guess I’ve always had the inspiration to sit down and blog. It started with keeping a diary then progressed to creating a LiveJournal when I was a senior in high school. LiveJournal quickly died however, the diaries kept coming. I would be a regular for about a week go on a month long hiatus, pick the pen back up read what I wrote and quickly destroy previous entries by drowning then in water. Is that morbid? Or rather a diary no-no? I think. Since I can’t flush my computer down the toliet er, I don’t want to flush my computer down the drain … let’s see how this goes. I blame Carrie Bradshaw for making column writing so glamorous.

I must add, I apologize for grammar/spelling errors in advance.

I decided to finally start this after talking to my friend who has 2 separate blogs – 1 focused on baking the other centered around her motivation to run in the Disney World Wine and Dine Half-Marathon on October 2, 2010. Sign me up! In high school I was athletic to an extent. I still am determined and self-disciplined to get my butt moving. Why not that extra guilt trip from someone else telling me, “Jillian, time to get moving!”

So with today being Saturday I wanted to take the opportunity to get this thing set-up and become acquainted with … hello!

My week coming up will be crazy and I will state in advance there most likely will not be any physical activity happening on my end. Work has me heading to New Orleans Wednesday through Saturday. I bought a Shape Magazine and Women’s Health for the plane ride – that will be motivation enough to see bikini clad girls that do not depict my body.

Exercise will be tough for me. I work 40 hours a week and take 10 credits of night school at the Community College. Typical mornings start at 6am, at work by 8am, finished work at 4/5pm, class starts at 6pm and then home by 8/8:30pm beltway traffic pending.

I’m ready to get the ball rolling. I’m the epitomy of a negative self-image and am ready to take the plunge to make that change. This blog will serve me to track my progress, provide support to other, vent some stress out of my life and remind me of successes and places for improvement. My goal will be set at actually signing up and completing the race next October. By the way, running at night sounds really cool!

Here’s to the successes and the failures! Please raise the virtual glass of alcohol, as it may be my last! *GASP*

P.S. I plan to include some musical selections that help to express my mood. Some will be the pump me up kind, but I’m a sucker for the sad, sappy kind too. I’ve been in love with Iron & Wine’s “The Trapeze Swinger” for a couple months now. It’s 9 minutes long, but there’s something about the lyrics that just make it simply wonderful. It’s a keeper in my book!

Happy Trails … the running kind, not the hairy kind!

Hello world!

November 14, 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!