The last time I wrote, well I can’t remember what it was about.  I may repeat.  Whoopsies in advance.

Friday – I did JM in the morning, worked, then CStone for happy hour and hanging out with my Wubs.

Saturday – Wubs didn’t think it was gonna snow … it did.  Wubs also wants to  become a pro-bowler.  Not football, bowling.  So we went out in the snow to UMD and bowled at Stamp after a nice lunch of Subway.  Honestly, it was a lot of fun.  I don’t know if it was the walk from Lot 1 to the Union, being back in CP, but I really love that kid.  Enough mush.  YUCK! 🙂  He’s on the right track to bowler fame, 4 strikes between the 9th and 10th frame!  We’ve been working on a 1,500 piece puzzle which is coming along nicely.  It was fun to be stuck in the snow, even though we were driving around in it.  We went to the grocery store and bought ingredients for making our own Buffalo Chicken pizza.  A little soggy in the middle, but we each have our own ideas to remedy that!  Then we watched “Watchmen” and called it a night.

Sunday – Met with Ang and Sap for lunch at Rock Bottom Brewery – yummy!  Then a little Ben & Jerrys for dessert.  Traded in my $3 scratch off, invested $2 more and won $10!  Then Scott dropped me off and I insisted on the try to see he less have a life outside of him deal and I failed miserably.  Ended up sitting around from 3:30 til bedtime thinking about how I wanted to be hanging out with him.  I did get a little cleaning done in my room.  Productivity – zlinch.  I could have gone to the gym, work out tapes and I didn’t.  I stink.

Monday – Work, went to a new job interview, more work, then gym.  I am getting into a habit of setting for the bike at the gym because all of the treadmills are full – not good at all!  Today I biked about 50 minutes total of 24 miles and 305 calories.  Biking disappoints me sometimes because the amount of calories is never as high.  I was gonna hop on the treadmill, but they were still full.

Tomorrow, I plan to wake up and do JM and then go to the gym.  I must run 2.0 miles tomorrow!!


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