So if I write about it, maybe I’ll feel better …

I think the last time I went to the gym was Thursday – where I biked for 45 minutes.  The day before I biked for 30 minutes and then ran 1 mile and walked 0.5 miles.  Needless to say I have not done anything nor watched my eating because of this snow storm times two!

My eating run-down because I need to see it to remind myself when I’m out of College Park – it’s eating right and workout DOUBLE!!  Biggest Loser at work wraps up April 14th and with friends it ends the week before.  I’m in serious need of dropping pounds if I want to win!


Breakfast – Milk and cereal, milk and cereal, cereal and milk (ha)

Lunch – Small portion of left over Subway and 4 WW bagel bites

Dinner – Fries, Chicken Nuggets, Ice Cream and Beer


Breakfast -Milk and cereal

Lunch – 2 Arnold rolls with turkey/ham/provolone grilled – delicious


Dinner – 1.5 pieces of pizza, Ice Cream, Beer


Breakfast – Milk and Cereal

Lunch – Chips and a refried bean/salsa/small amount of cheese dip

Dinner – Crab dip, triscuits, baked wings, Ice Cream and Beer


Breakfast – Milk and Cereal

Lunch – Hard Times Terlingua Red Chili with beans, tomatoes, onions, cheese

Snack – pudding, a little crab dip and triscuits

Dinner – pork tenderloin, 1 piece of garlic bread, mixed veggies

So today is another day off work, and if it snows this afternoon like it’s supposed to – that will most likely mean off Wednesday and maybe Thursday.

Thank God Scobeans lives by the Shoppers.  On Friday we walked up Cherry Hill just to see what it was like out.  Got to Route 1 – was standing in the middle of the road and there was just no traffic.  It was really cool.

Yesterday (Monday) we decided that we needed to be proactive and get our cars out.  We walked to Home Depot and there were no shovels – shocker.  The walk was fun, this time waling on the yellow line in between slow moving cars as you are telling yourself  “don’t slip on the ice, you’ll get run over!” – rather that’s what I was telling myself.

Waiting for Mr. Breathe Right Nose Strip to wake up so we can walk to Shoppers again and reassess what we need and try to attempt to get his car out – his tires are encased in ice!  He used a whole 25 lb bag on his car alone.  I think we need to get it out and move it so when the next storm of sleet comes he’s not royally screwed – but digging out is hard when you’re using a dust pan 🙂

Love Him.


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