Finally got off of my rump and went to the gym. This snow has caused some serious roadblocks in my workout plan. So, GO AWAY! Workout was mediocre, but I smell bad so it must have been something! Horrible logic! I ran 1.5 miles, walked 0.25 miles, ran 0.25 miles, then walked for 5 minutes. Total was 280 Calories, 2.37 for distance.

I had a mini break-down last night and I can’t put my finger on what it was from, but I feel awful the next day – especially when I took it out on Scott. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in close quarters with him for 7 days and then last night was the first by myself night? I don’t know, I want to blame that. It’s just lonely in the apartment when you are by yourself. I should have gone out last night, but the apartment is a mess and just put me in a blah mood. So instead I stayed in my room, attempted cleaning, attempted to do my valentine’s gift, attempted to read … attempted, attempted, attempted, failed at everything.

I know it’s the same ordeal and I probably shouldn’t say anything about it, but our sink is overflowing with dishes again. I would clean them up if I had put any of them in the sink, but I haven’t been here in a week and don’t think it’s fair that I have to clean them up. I don’t want to say anything because I’d rather someone else acknowledge the mess and clean it. Writing about my frustration helps, because I always seem to blow steam off on Scott and he’s probably tired of hearing.

So since it’s 8:40, I’ve worked out, blogged -that means it’s really time to clean this room up and then shower.

Sorry your race was canceled, Ang!! Feel better!


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