Work out update …

Sunday, Feb. 14th – Valentines Day … got back from the Woods, Hung around the apartment with the girls, got ready and then went to dinner with Sco at 6 in Rockville. Back to CP we went, watched “The Time Traveler’s Wife” and bed.

Monday, Feb. 15th … Woke up, bowled 5 games, back to my apartment, indulged in some retail therapy – bought shoes, bras and undies and then headed to the grocery store. Might I add it started snowing again and being at the grocery store was probably the worst place ever! Oh, President’s Day and the crazies that are in public!
Exercise I did 35 minutes on the bike, ran 0.5 miles.

Tuesday, Feb. 16th … Work, Drove home to Frederick for my Grandmother’s 75th birthday party, home-cooked dinner (YUM!). Ran 0.5 miles, walked 0.5 miles. My mom’s treadmill is possessed. I set it on a speed and it would double and I pretty much burned myself out!

Wednesday, Feb. 17th … Work, Biked for 45 minutes, then headed off to class.  Getting back in the routine of class/work again.  Booo!

Tonight, I have work, walking class – tell me where we’re gonna walk with the sidewalks still covered, and then class til 9:10.  Busy night, but tomorrow is Friday!!

On a side note.  So I love my Sco.  He stopped by last night to drop off my notebook for class, which I forgot to bring to class for tonight … ANYWAY, he was very sneaky and used my spare car key to unlock my car and place a list of all the reasons he loves me called the “None Reasons Why I Love You …” list.  I would share, but it’s so darn cute, I don’t want anyone to vomit 🙂  Made my morning as I read it at a red light.  I don’t even remember falling on ice at work because I re-read the list!


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