So my Thursday WALKING class was non-existent because the sidewalks are still covered in snow. So instead it was strength training. We did 10 minutes of cardio, then went straight to the weights, ran stairs, then back to stretching and other endurance activities. I have never been so sore in my life! The next day I had planned to wake up and do Jillian Michaels … that didn’t happen. I have been sore since Friday morning, painfully sore. Sore that it hurts to stretch my arms to reach. Sore that I couldn’t hold my cell phone to my ear Thursday night. Friday night was killer because I was sitting on the floor most of the evening and could not get comfortable because my body ached.
Saturday, I attempted the gym, but every machine was full and 3 were broken. I was too lazy to drive to the Y, so I hopped on the upright bike. I couldn’t get the seat to adjust, so I was going at it on my tippy-toes for a half an hour. Horrible work out, but I got some good reading in. Then Megan and I went to Baja Fresh, Ulta and The Loft. Got home and started to get ready for Phil’s bday. I have not been out in FOREVER! Scott didn’t come because he was sick, but later referenced my behavior to that of a 19 year old. Maybe because I called crying at 9 in the morning Sunday requesting aspirin and a hashbrown? He never disappoints 🙂 So he came over at 10 with the goods and then drove me to Frederick to spend time with my cousin. Lunch was a lot of fun with Meg, Sarah and Scott. I love my family!

So the agenda for tonight. I need to go to the bank to cash some checks – maybe on my lunch break?, I NEED NEED NEED running tights and might even splurge for the sneakers I’ve been wanting. Then I’ll head to the Y on my way home and fingers crossed to do the Jillian Michaels’ “Shred”.

I also have homework to do for class on Wednesday and reading for Thursday. The busy life of someone working over 40 hours a week and has class in the evening. Maybe, that’s why I’m apparently so tired?


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