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This will be brief …

April 29, 2010

Monday: rest day, literally did nothing
Tuesday: went to walking class, didn’t do my run 😦
Wednesday: Ran 2 miles, lifting weights for like 2 minutes (ha) and then did some ab work for like 5 minutes (ha), then went to class
Thursday: Gonna go to walking class and then either do a 2 mile or 3 mile run afterwards.


Great Urban Race

April 26, 2010

Do you want me to shup up yet about this? ‘Cause I’m not! I really think it’s the true relationship test. Throw yourself and your significant other in a city you are unfamiliar with, add some hot temperatures, running and teamwork and if you make it out alive, run to the chapel!

Haha … well maybe not that fast! Just wanna refresh on my Thursday before I get so excited about my weekend! I left work at 2:30 Thursday, ran my 4 miles (YAYAYAYAY!!) in 40:49, then was put through Ahmad’s walking class with weights and crunches – lovely! However it felt good and I felt like some kind of sick workout machine. Then I headed off to class from 6:30 – 9:10, packed super quick and raced to College Park.

We started off the morning with a quick trip to Dunkin Donuts to fuel up.  Leaving College Park at about 9.  We then were on the road until our much anticipated Chick-fil-a lunch.  We arrived in Charlotte around 4, checked in, got ready and headed out to Wild Wings Cafe where we indulged in Stella and Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka.  Not to mention, we enjoyed some dry rub chicken wings!  Yummy!  For the evening we made our way around the Epicenter and headed to Howl at the Moon.  Let me tell you, it was so much fun!  Scott had found a free admission coupon on Yelp! – so we snagged the last table around 7ish and the drinking began.  We started off with a Bud Light and a Coors Light and then later found out PBR 160z cans were only $2.75.  It quickly became our drink of choice!  The atmosphere was great, all ages of people, all levels of drunkenness.  Scott didn’t really have a great view of the stage,  but that was the price we had to pay to actually get a table.  I don’t know what it was about the place but it just really was a great time.  Not to mention you are singing (for Scott and I it’s more like screaming/laughing/dying cat sounds) some great songs, because the pianists really knew everything!  Including Scott’s selection of Rehab which got the crowd going, or the males his age in the place.  It was so great to spend that quality time with him 🙂  Mush. Mush. Mush.  Like any good drunk does, we went and got some pizza at Liberto’s and called it a night.  Thumbs up to Charlotte night life!

Saturday was race day!  We woke up around 8:30, ate an AWESOME hotel breakfast and prepared for the day.  We left our hotel at 10:45 to get back to the Epicenter a little before 11.  We signed in, grabbed our t-shirts and made our way to CVS for some fluids.  Race started at 12.  We were much more cool, calm and collected solving our clues.  Took us 26 minutes to solve them all and then we were off!  Highlight of the clues was Scott calling he would hit the blindfolded cornhole target on the first try and he did!  Video recorded!  After completing 11/12 clues required we made our way back to the finish line.  We ran a lot more this time around than last year, and I really think that is the way to go!  Maybe we can run the whole thing for San Diego?  It’s like an addiction at this point.  We finished in a time of 2 hours 28 minutes, and came in 51st place out of 190 qualifying teams and about 20 more teams who didn’t finish.

After the race was over we had until 5 for the Awards.  What does that mean?  DRINK!!  We paired up with 2 other teams and ran up some pretty high bar tabs!  Come 7 o’clock I was hammered as well as my counterpart.  I don’t really remember the walk home too much, but we thought we would just “take a nap” and then go out for the evening with Scott’s friend Joel,  who lives in Charlotte.  We both woke up at 11 o’clock, myself feeling like death.  Going out wasn’t an option instead … SLEEP!!  Next morning we woke up around 7:30, got ready, ate more hotel breakfast and headed for the open road!  Made it home around 3:30.

This was truly one of the best weekends of my life!  Is it wrong we’re considering moving to Charlotte in like a year and a half?  It’s that great of a city!

I’m so excited!!

April 22, 2010

I cannot wait for this weekend to be in Charlotte with Scott! We are both extremely excited for The Great Urban Race! It was funny because we were reminscing about last year’s trip and how nervous I was. I think I’m most excited to be venturing somewhere with just him and the feeling of going out together where we only know each other leaves me feeling giddy! Haha … enough.

So the plan was to run 4.0 miles. But I tell you my day didn’t let up. Work 7:45 – 4:30, Oil Change from 4:45 – 5:45, Class 6 – 8:20, and by the time I got home, got ready and made it to the gym – all of the treadmills were full and there was a waiting line! Yuck! So instead, I packed up my work clothes for the next day and went to Scott’s so we could watch Fresh Meat 2 together.

I left CP around 6 am, made it to Rockville by 6:40 including a breakfast trip to McDonalds. I know, I know. But I get the Sausage Egg McMuffin, no cheese with a non-fat hazelnut latte. If that’s the worst thing I eat today, I think I’ll be ok. There’s a sufficient amount of protein in the meat and egg that I’m not letting myself cringe over a fast-food breakfast!

So hopefully I will be able to leave work around 3, run my 4 miles and be ready for walking class at 4! That’s the plan. Now, there are typically ladies who like to use the gym in the afternoon and ASHA only has 1 treadmill. We’ll see, if I can’t make the work-out in then, I may either skip walking class, run and do some weights on my own OR do the run after walking class before actual class. BUSY, BUSY!

Tomorrow though is Charlotte, leaving in the early morning pending Scott doesn’t have to go into work for his negotiation. Mr. Smarty Pants 🙂 So if I can’t make my run today, which I certainly plan to, I’m not beating myself up! Why? Because we’ll be running all over Charlotte Saturday and next week is a rest-run week, which means I can play around and add the longer runs in there!

So much to look forward to coming up that it makes planning the runs a little more difficult.

May 1 – Julia’s Bachelorette Party
May 6 – Sarah’s 16th Bday
May 9 – Mother’s Day
May 11 – Granddad’s Bday
May 15 – Jessica’s Baby Shower
May 29 – Matt and Julia’s Wedding – got my dress from Express, which I love!
May 30 – June 6 – BEACH!!!
June 7 – The Big Sis turns 25!
June 8 – O’s vs. Yankees Game
June 15 – Bryan Adams Concert

Hump Day!

April 21, 2010

Monday – I decided to have a rest day instead of do the 3 mile run. I decided this because I have a really busy week coming up and needed some time to get things sorted out.

Tuesday (yesterday) – I went to work, went to walking class which was a 45 minute walk and then 15 minutes of weights/planks/push-ups (ouch!), then I went to the Y and ran 3.0 miles in 30 minutes – since the machines give a 30 minute time limit. Got home, did 2 loads of laundry and called it a productive evening!

Today – I will probably work til 4:30, get my oil changed for the big Charlotte trip (SO EXCITED!!!), then go to class til about 8:30 and come home and run 4 miles! Long day, we’ll see how it all plays out!


April 19, 2010

I think I need to practice the “I think I can, I think I can” mantra of the Little Engine Who Could. Why? I just keep getting the feeling that I will never be able to run 13.1 miles. I think to stop that mentality.

Friday after work I met with Scott and we went running at 4 in the 80-some degree weather. Excuses. I hadn’t really eaten on Friday. Excuses. I felt really sore from the workout with Ahmad on Thursday. Excuses.

I argued with Scott for a little bit during the run, which led to him not speaking to me. Not in a rude way, in a “I can’t say anything right so I’m not gonna say anything at all” kind of way. Which is fine. I don’t like to be chatty when I run. However, we disagreed on the distance of the run (3.5 miles), I thought every milepost marker marked 0.25 miles and didn’t think it was time to turn around when he initiated that. I didn’t find out until later that night that each post marked every 0.5 miles. My fault.

So about 2.75 miles in, I’m just dying. Between the heat, aches and bruised ego (self-induced), I just wanted to walk. I couldn’t though, I’m not a quitter was the only thing running through my mind.

What do you know, a snake appears at the 3 mile mark and let me tell you – that was God throwing an obstacle in my way to say “STOP”. So after some much needed hyperventilating I started walking. I then had an overwhelming guilty feeling that here I am ruining Scott’s workout, when he would have been capable to run without me. He refused to leave me, but I felt too bad. I began to yell and say “go”, and that’s just what he did. So he leaves and once he was out of sight, I got myself back together and started to run again.

So unsuccessful on a full 3.5 mile run this time, which upsets me because I know I can do it! I’ve done it every other time before when I’ve had to.

I’m hoping this week will be better. I’m going to work harder on getting my workouts in in the morning because that is when I prefer to work out. I have an exciting weekend planned with Scott spending time in Charlotte. I know it sounds like I probably talk about him a lot and it appears I do a lot with him, but sometimes one-on-one time is scarce and I can’t wait to spend the weekend distraction free and spontaneously!

Here’s to some great workouts this week!

ASHA is started a new wellness program since the Biggest Loser just ended. This time it’s based on exercise and not weight loss. Which is great for me! I may not have lost weight with the Biggest Loser, but I did lose 1% of body fat, so I think that’s pretty cool! We’re gonna register our physical fitness activities through the Presidential Fitness Challenge

Yesterday Sucked!

April 16, 2010

I don’t know what it was, but I didn’t have the same high Thursday that I had Wednesday running.

Thursday I went to walking class and we did a lot of exercises while walking, which hurt. My plan all along was to run the 3.5 miles after walking class because I normally don’t feel that bad. So I started running and I got to 1.5 miles and wanted to die. So I decided to stop and walk for a second. I ran then just 0.25 miles and called it quits.

I suck.

No excuses. Getting off work today and heading to CP where I will run 3.5 miles with Scott. Hopefully there will be no whining or stopping. Fingers crossed!!

Finally …

April 15, 2010

Tested out the new sneakers yesterday. Like Scott told me, it was probably part mental and rest the fact that I had new shoes, but I did feel a difference and felt like I was running faster. So yeah, 9:40 miles may not be fast, but I was very comfortable even with a scratch in my throat.

Today is 3.5 miles and I gotta either cram that inbetween walking class and real class or run around 9:30 – not too interested in the night run idea.

Lesson Learned.

April 14, 2010

When the alarm goes off at 5:30, get up and go to the gym then. Why? Because if you wait until 5:55 to walk over that place is packed! Ugh. So now I gotta cram a run in sometime between work and class. Option 1: ASHA gym. Option 2: YMCA. Option 3: Run outside in Rockville.


April 14, 2010

I can’t stand this, I have never been this sick before in my life. Not meaning that I am awfully ill, but the amount of times I have been sick over the last year has been more than in my lifetime! I’ve tried to take Zicam as soon as I feel the “scratchies” in my throat, technical term I know, but that hasn’t helped. I don’t think I have allergies, but have probably jinxed myself from the times I bragged about not having allergies. To be honest, I have always subconsciously blamed Scott for my sickness. One passing to the other type deal. BUT it was brought to my attention today that for the length of time I have dated Scott, I have also worked at ASHA. ASHA is a completely green building. My fitness teacher said you never know with those kinds of buildings what germs could harbor and the use of hand sanitizer everywhere will eventually create SUPER GERMS!!

So, I still haven’t gotten to try out my new shoes 😦 That’s a lie, I wore them to walking class tonight … but I haven’t gotten to try them out running – and sprinting across the grocery store parking lot doesn’t count.

So the plan:

Wed: 2.5 miles
Thur: 3.5 miles
Fri: 2.5 miles
Sat: 3.5 miles

Sheesh! I would have run Monday night, but I had a 10 page paper that was much more important.

Off I go to hydrate 🙂

I forgot my shoes …

April 12, 2010

… in Frederick! It’s a sign, time to buy new ones! So I did today on my lunch break. Please see the newest addition to my family:

My Mizuno’s

(I don’t know how to do links … whomp whomp whomp)

Tonight is a “no run and do your paper” night … but I may have to take a trip around the block! My