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Biking > Running

May 27, 2010

I think I’m starting to get hooked. I really, really, really enjoy biking at the gym on the stationary bike! Wednesday I was going to run but decided to bike first and was going to run when I finished. By the time I finished biking 35 minutes, all the treadmills were full! According to the Summit Hills bike I went 12.6 miles in 35 minutes. Now, I’m gonna have to agree that that seems a little off but I was sweating my ass off! That could be because the gym has no AC, ha!

Tonight I went to the Y and biked for another 35 minutes.

Tomorrow the plan: wake up, work from 6:45 – 12, Y to run and bike, mani/pedi and then launder my life away! 5 hours at work stop me from a GREAT WEEK ahead!

My sister and I have promised to run 40 minutes each morning, which will be perfect and probably about 4 miles.


Last week

May 26, 2010

So last week was a huge mileage week for me in combination with running and biking. I was very proud of myself! I ended up running 3.5 miles on Friday after work. Saturday, Scott and I apartment shopped and ended up finding a place that we both really like! 🙂

Sunday was a lazy day. We had spent the night at my parent’s house Saturday, then ran some errands on our way home Sunday, followed by a lazy Sunday of video games, reading and watching “Big Daddy” and the 4 hour LOST hoopla 🙂 Yeah, I said it! I just don’t understand the ending and neither did Scott really. We both have our own opinions. I think the whole thing never happened, however that doesn’t make sense because Penny was in the the church and she wasn’t on the plane. I don’t know, all I know is it wasn’t Penny’s boat. Ok, enough I’m not a Lostie but the telegrams were kinda pathetic and I got a kick out of “Sawyer, have my babies!”

Monday, was more of the same. I had some returns to make and by the time I got home didn’t feel like running.

Yesterday, I finished my errands, finally got shoes for the Wedding this Saturday and then ran 3 miles.

Tonight will be another 3 mile run, maybe some biking then cleaning and packing for the BEACH, followed by some Sco time.

Sunshine (fingers crossed), I’m yours!

What’s new Pussycat?

May 21, 2010


I can’t explain.

Yesterday’s workout went a little something like this … 10 mile bike at the Y completed in less than 35 minutes. I went 10.73 miles in 35 minutes. Not too shabby, Scott tells me those things aren’t accurate (things refers to the distance calculator and the calorie counter). Then I hopped off the bike and ran to the ending the The Hills, so a total of 1.5 miles.

Today, I left work at 4 and then decided to run at the ASHA gym instead of the Y – reasoning being I had 4.5 miles as my goal run. I completed a 5k and then told myself to go to 4, made it to 4 and then told myself to make it to 4.5 and I DID! I was very happy … furthest I think I’ve ever run, or maybe just in a really long time. Either way, it felt good and I wasn’t dead at the end.

Tomorrow I am hoping to leave work around 1:30, run some errands then go on a 3.5 mile run followed by maybe some biking.

Then date night with my Boo … 😀


May 18, 2010

I bought some running shorts from Sports Authority … their Activa (maybe?) name brand. So far, so good. They are the bike shorts … my sister recommends the shiny ones – why don’t you buy me some 🙂

It’s been awhile …

May 18, 2010

Excuses, excuses … I’ve been busy!!

Let’s pick up:

5/12: I ran 3 miles
5/13: I biked 10 miles at work while watching Oprah, glorious! Haha, it was an episode about Twilight, too bad I’m not really into that. However, it was a welcome change from all the stories about rape on other talk shows. I’ve decided to work more biking into my routine, biking on the upright bike not the wimpy sit down one. Good thing I’ll be stealing my sister’s bike soon (yes, I know you’re reading this) and then Scott and I can go on rides.

5/14: It was a Friday, I got off at 1:15, I went to College Park – I happy hour’ed, sue me 🙂

5/15: I wake up to, “Hey you wanna go for a run?” “SURE …” I’m secretly happy he initiated the idea, because I was tempted to not run knowing I needed to run 4 miles. But we did it and early enough in the morning. It was breezy out and overall perfect. We ran 3 miles out on the trail, ran 1 mile back in and then walked the remaining 2 miles.

5/16: Busy day … had to rush back from Baltimore, get ready then head to Woodsboro for Jess’ baby shower. Little Jackson will be here in 2 months and holy pregnant! 🙂

5/17: Got off work and headed to the gym at the apartment, ran 4 miles … hooray!

5/18: Walking class for an hour. We did a lot of little exercises in between. Then the bad … I went to Panera and ate 2 bagels! I don’t know what came over me! Scott and I had gone today for lunch (soup and salad) and then I guess I didn’t get my bread craving in. Bad, bad, bad! I can’t beat myself up over it, it was delicious!

Tomorrow: THE PLAN … work til 4, 10 mile bike ride at work then come home/go to the Y and run 3.5 miles. Most likely at the Y.


May 11, 2010

Thursday walking class was canceled again so I ran another 5k after work.

Friday I was able to get to work at 7:15 and leave at 1:15. Made it to Frederick around 1:45 and bought my Mom’s mother’s day gift, Jessica’s baby shower gift, the new Lady Antebellum CD to prepare for the new concert (burning Scott a copy too, ha!), bought Sarah’s 16th birthday gift and purchased a belated birthday present for Ben – flintstones vitamins! All in all very productive!

It’s crazy to think Sarah is 16 makes me feel so old! Her birthday party was fun, but the best part for me was Scott showing up after he said he couldn’t make it 🙂

Saturday, Mom and I went to the flower nursery then laid outside in the windy/sunny weather. Raise your hand if you got sunburnt! *Raises Hand* We took a 40 minute walk and I gotta tell you, I wasn’t pleased with the new shoes I bought 😦 My cesamoid was acting up and we ended our walk. Oh well, 40 minutes is better than no minutes! I then painted my Mom’s toes as a mother’s day gift threatening to charge the price of a pedicure. Then it was off to my grandmother’s for pizza.

Sunday I went to Church then breakfast with the family followed by some shopping at Ann Taylor, Mom’s organic market and the liquor store 🙂 Then we went to celabrate Granddad’s 82nd bday … no exercise today – boo!

Monday I took a rest day, even though I should have made up my run from Sunday – whoopsies!

Tuesday I went to work, then came home and ran 3 miles. I gotta study so I’m gonna cut this short.

Is it time for Matt’s Wedding? The Beach? Lady Antebellum yet? Please, please, please COME SOON!

Running Shorts

May 5, 2010

Can someone (or the 1 person who reads this) recommend what they run in? I swear I thought I had found it all using the cheap $7 biking shorts from Wal*Mart. Now, my love for them has diminished because they don’t have the tightness they once had. These shorts are who I blame for my work-out Tuesday!

I wanted to run 3 miles. About .5 miles in it was like I was constantly pulling at them – not attractive! So I ran 1 mile and then biked 8 miles in 30 minutes. So a work-out nonetheless.

Today (Wednesday), I tried running in some normal athletic shorts, but I just hate them! I did a 5k run, which is pretty neat to do using the ASHA gym treadmill.

I am gonna be on the hunt for some new, good elastic running shorts this weekend. But in the meantime, help me out!

Walking class was canceled for tomorrow too, which blows. Why? I like the weights and the push-ups! Never thought I’d say that, did you?

It’s MAY!!

May 4, 2010

I’ve been bad!

Last Thursday I only did walking class because he loaded us up on weights … gah!

Friday, I got home and met Scott for Happy Hour at McGintys and then we went to see KickAss … which in my opinion, was not kickass. Not all at what I expected and very violent. We both agreed it wasn’t funny at all.

Saturday: I ran 3 miles. Finally, a work-out! Ha! The Summit gym was so hot. I don’t think I’ve ever sweat like that in my life! Saturday I hung out with Meg all day which was great. We went to the mall, tried on wigs, ate some pretty amazing gyros and then got ready to go to Julia’s bachelorette party. It was a lot of fun!

Sunday, I was planning to do homework and clean but I didn’t do either. Instead, went and got a bagel with Ashley and then came back and kinda hung out until 3 when I went to CP to be with Scott. We decided on the Ratsies Meal Deal for dinner: large cheese pizza, pound of wings and fries. I claimed I was so hungry I would eat half … didn’t happen. I had 2 slices and 3 wings and was completely full to the brim! I lost the challenge, thank God we didn’t get my claim on tape! Sunday night, no air in his apartment – I felt like I had worked out. Miserable sleep.

Monday: work til 3:30, then I went with Meg and her mom to visit Christen so we could skype with Hegazi in Egypt. Her internet was down so that didn’t happen. We ended up going to a Chinese restaurant in SS. So good! I haven’t had Chinese in awhile.

Tuesday: Walking class is cancelled. I’m hopefully going to be home around 5, see what the weather is like and either run outside or on the treadmill. Deciding if I will do 3 or 4 miles, depends on my mood! Then I MUST, MUST, MUST study for my finals and do my homework. Semester almost over, summertime around the corner!