It’s been awhile …

Excuses, excuses … I’ve been busy!!

Let’s pick up:

5/12: I ran 3 miles
5/13: I biked 10 miles at work while watching Oprah, glorious! Haha, it was an episode about Twilight, too bad I’m not really into that. However, it was a welcome change from all the stories about rape on other talk shows. I’ve decided to work more biking into my routine, biking on the upright bike not the wimpy sit down one. Good thing I’ll be stealing my sister’s bike soon (yes, I know you’re reading this) and then Scott and I can go on rides.

5/14: It was a Friday, I got off at 1:15, I went to College Park – I happy hour’ed, sue me 🙂

5/15: I wake up to, “Hey you wanna go for a run?” “SURE …” I’m secretly happy he initiated the idea, because I was tempted to not run knowing I needed to run 4 miles. But we did it and early enough in the morning. It was breezy out and overall perfect. We ran 3 miles out on the trail, ran 1 mile back in and then walked the remaining 2 miles.

5/16: Busy day … had to rush back from Baltimore, get ready then head to Woodsboro for Jess’ baby shower. Little Jackson will be here in 2 months and holy pregnant! 🙂

5/17: Got off work and headed to the gym at the apartment, ran 4 miles … hooray!

5/18: Walking class for an hour. We did a lot of little exercises in between. Then the bad … I went to Panera and ate 2 bagels! I don’t know what came over me! Scott and I had gone today for lunch (soup and salad) and then I guess I didn’t get my bread craving in. Bad, bad, bad! I can’t beat myself up over it, it was delicious!

Tomorrow: THE PLAN … work til 4, 10 mile bike ride at work then come home/go to the Y and run 3.5 miles. Most likely at the Y.


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