What’s new Pussycat?


I can’t explain.

Yesterday’s workout went a little something like this … 10 mile bike at the Y completed in less than 35 minutes. I went 10.73 miles in 35 minutes. Not too shabby, Scott tells me those things aren’t accurate (things refers to the distance calculator and the calorie counter). Then I hopped off the bike and ran to the ending the The Hills, so a total of 1.5 miles.

Today, I left work at 4 and then decided to run at the ASHA gym instead of the Y – reasoning being I had 4.5 miles as my goal run. I completed a 5k and then told myself to go to 4, made it to 4 and then told myself to make it to 4.5 and I DID! I was very happy … furthest I think I’ve ever run, or maybe just in a really long time. Either way, it felt good and I wasn’t dead at the end.

Tomorrow I am hoping to leave work around 1:30, run some errands then go on a 3.5 mile run followed by maybe some biking.

Then date night with my Boo … 😀


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