Last week

So last week was a huge mileage week for me in combination with running and biking. I was very proud of myself! I ended up running 3.5 miles on Friday after work. Saturday, Scott and I apartment shopped and ended up finding a place that we both really like! 🙂

Sunday was a lazy day. We had spent the night at my parent’s house Saturday, then ran some errands on our way home Sunday, followed by a lazy Sunday of video games, reading and watching “Big Daddy” and the 4 hour LOST hoopla 🙂 Yeah, I said it! I just don’t understand the ending and neither did Scott really. We both have our own opinions. I think the whole thing never happened, however that doesn’t make sense because Penny was in the the church and she wasn’t on the plane. I don’t know, all I know is it wasn’t Penny’s boat. Ok, enough I’m not a Lostie but the telegrams were kinda pathetic and I got a kick out of “Sawyer, have my babies!”

Monday, was more of the same. I had some returns to make and by the time I got home didn’t feel like running.

Yesterday, I finished my errands, finally got shoes for the Wedding this Saturday and then ran 3 miles.

Tonight will be another 3 mile run, maybe some biking then cleaning and packing for the BEACH, followed by some Sco time.

Sunshine (fingers crossed), I’m yours!


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