Biking > Running

I think I’m starting to get hooked. I really, really, really enjoy biking at the gym on the stationary bike! Wednesday I was going to run but decided to bike first and was going to run when I finished. By the time I finished biking 35 minutes, all the treadmills were full! According to the Summit Hills bike I went 12.6 miles in 35 minutes. Now, I’m gonna have to agree that that seems a little off but I was sweating my ass off! That could be because the gym has no AC, ha!

Tonight I went to the Y and biked for another 35 minutes.

Tomorrow the plan: wake up, work from 6:45 – 12, Y to run and bike, mani/pedi and then launder my life away! 5 hours at work stop me from a GREAT WEEK ahead!

My sister and I have promised to run 40 minutes each morning, which will be perfect and probably about 4 miles.


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