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I lied …

June 23, 2010

So the last headline read “BAAAAACK”, I apologize for being a liar.

It was really hard to get back into a running routine once I came back from the beach. I would start to run and then make excuses for why I needed to stop. I’ve also bought 2 new pairs of sneakers in that time frame as I tried to convince myself it was my shoes. Come to find out I even purchased a pair of shoes that wasn’t a pair at all … 1 at size 8 the other at a size 8.5. Yes, my fault for not checking, but I knew which shoes I wanted so I just grabbed the box. Shame on the lady for not checking, but more shame on me.

I’m not gonna update on the little runs I did because I can’t remember off the top of my head, nor am I near my chart where I keep track. So let’s try for the recent runs.

Saturday I went shopping with my Mom and sister. Granted we weren’t sprinting but we were walking around from probably 1-6, so I didn’t feel guilty counting that time towards the “President’s Challenge”.

Sunday being Father’s Day, I was booked. Er … I didn’t make time to exercise. Whoopsies?

Monday I ran for 45 minutes for a total of 4.15 miles. Not as fast as I wanted, but I think running slower keeps me motivated. I don’t want to give up running because I still have a goal to reach. I’ve come to terms with the cliche “slow and steady”.

Tuesday – nada.

Wednesday – TODAY – I went to the Y and planned to run for 45 minutes, instead I went 60 minutes! YAY!! I ran the furthest I’ve ever gone 5.7 miles!! W00T!!!



June 10, 2010

So the weather at the beach was nothing short of perfect. Weather was sunny every day, not one drop of rain! The plus side to vacation is getting to sleep in. Typically when I’m in a unfamiliar place, I wake up even earlier than I already do. Somehow not the case for last week’s trip. Waking up at 8:30/9 became normal and FABULOUS! The first day (Monday), Meg and I tried to run on the sand but it wasn’t packed very well so running was a no. Instead, we walked the Duck trail along the road. It was nice to catch up and spend time with her. We did that 3 mornings for about an hour.

Sunday when we came back, I didn’t unpack … as usual … it’s still not unpacked … am I surprised? NO! I decided I would bike Sunday night at Summit. It was nice, but my body did feel the break. Whoopsies? Then I didn’t run on Monday or Tuesday. Monday was spent celebrating the sister’s 25th birthday! Oldie Moldie now. Tuesday was spent hanging out with my other Meg – dinner and a pedicure. Megan’s boyfriend was deployed Tuesday to head to Japan for 2 years. Very tough situation and extremely hard to see that girl cry. Makes me thankful every day to have my Scobeans and know he’s not going anywhere 🙂

Wednesday I got home from work and ran 2 miles. Wimpy – yes. Why? My stomach has been going crazy for the last 3 days. Including embarrassing bathroom breaks in Barnes & Noble and Chick-fil-a. Gross. I agree. So I ran 2 miles, attempted to bike, couldn’t get the seat to move, gave up and headed home to shower and prepare for Girls Night to see Sex and the City 2. Hegazi is back from Egypt and I plan to try to cram as much girl time as I can in the next 2 months? Why? Scott and I move in together on July 30th!!!! Beyond excited 🙂 🙂 🙂

So tonight (Thursday) has turned into a lazy night. I am gonna meet Megan and Ashley and Ash’s friend Sofi for dinner and then head to Scott’s place. The occassion? We’re starting a Rock Band 🙂 Lamb and Tuna Fish – watch out!

Tomorrow, I will be going into work around 10, so I plan to wake up early and do a 6 mile run. I know, not supposed to yet. I’ve been so out of it, I just need to prove to myself I am at the half way mark whether I think I am now or not. So fingers crossed. Either way, I’m gonna take it slow and just work on getting it done!

Then, work and the weekend! Hooray!!