I lied …

So the last headline read “BAAAAACK”, I apologize for being a liar.

It was really hard to get back into a running routine once I came back from the beach. I would start to run and then make excuses for why I needed to stop. I’ve also bought 2 new pairs of sneakers in that time frame as I tried to convince myself it was my shoes. Come to find out I even purchased a pair of shoes that wasn’t a pair at all … 1 at size 8 the other at a size 8.5. Yes, my fault for not checking, but I knew which shoes I wanted so I just grabbed the box. Shame on the lady for not checking, but more shame on me.

I’m not gonna update on the little runs I did because I can’t remember off the top of my head, nor am I near my chart where I keep track. So let’s try for the recent runs.

Saturday I went shopping with my Mom and sister. Granted we weren’t sprinting but we were walking around from probably 1-6, so I didn’t feel guilty counting that time towards the “President’s Challenge”.

Sunday being Father’s Day, I was booked. Er … I didn’t make time to exercise. Whoopsies?

Monday I ran for 45 minutes for a total of 4.15 miles. Not as fast as I wanted, but I think running slower keeps me motivated. I don’t want to give up running because I still have a goal to reach. I’ve come to terms with the cliche “slow and steady”.

Tuesday – nada.

Wednesday – TODAY – I went to the Y and planned to run for 45 minutes, instead I went 60 minutes! YAY!! I ran the furthest I’ve ever gone 5.7 miles!! W00T!!!


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