I can admit, I’ve given up the blog for logging exercise on presidentschallenge.org, it’s just so much easier and my work is doing a competition through the site.

I’ve been doing really well, making sure to get at least 40 minutes of running in at least 2 times a week. Scott and I just moved this past weekend and he’s been a great motivation. If I ask him to run with me, he will. I give him credit because I can be quite irritable towards my running partner. However, Sunday we ran 9 miles together total! The furthest I’ve ever gone! It was great to have him there. Why? He mapped out the course which was on flat ground and included a hill similar to the one that will be in the race, he made sure to run with water and practiced with me grabbing water at each mile mark and to top it all off, he’s not to shabby to look at when he’s all sweaty 🙂 Haha, insert “ewwwwwwwwwww” here!

Monday I took the day off because of Sunday’s run. We ran the 9 miles around 5, so it was still hot out. At one point I got cold chills but Scott talked me through it and encouraged me I could keep going! I’m proud of myself for finishing the distance, but even more proud that I wasn’t nasty towards him. He said it was pleasant! I even laughed and talked – things must be changing! We even scoped out more of the surroundings roads and located a few places we’d like to eat at!

Tonight, I ran 5 miles. Tomorrow is 12 miles on the bike. Thursday is a 6 mile run. Friday is another 12 on the bike. Saturday, we are waking up early to do our 10 mile run, then errands and a wedding to go to in the evening.

I love living with Scott! There’s no more scheduling. The best part being we can do our own thing and know that we are both coming home to each other. Oh and carpooling – which is cute and very adult-esque!


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